Success Stories

Success empowers organizations to unlock the unique potential in each employee so they can map them to jobs where they’ll thrive, so their businesses can thrive too.

Launched in 2012 out of Waterloo, Canada, Plum began as a spreadsheet. Today, Plum’s software enacts its mission to prepare organizations for the future of work by providing predictive and scalable talent datasets, replacing a process that was once high consultative and expensive by automating it with AI.



Miovision provides cities with modern tools to fix today’s traffic problems by offering solutions that collect multimodal traffic data and uncover actionable insights, helping municipalities get more out of their road network.

The company started by three University of Waterloo friends in a basement has evolved into the leading authority on traffic data. Miovision began as a traffic solution company, but their continued approach to innovation and dedication to solving real-world problems has led them to where they stand today: helping cities achieve their smart city visions, and SOFII is proud to have been a small part of their success story.


For years, the biggest and most beloved brands have entrusted them to help them find their voice.

Their global network of voice actors lend their talents in over 100 languages, accents and dialects to a wide variety of projects, ranging from advertising, entertainment and gaming, to training, corporate content, industrial applications and beyond.

They proudly serve customers in over 160 countries, and their award-winning workplace culture has made them an employer of choice for the best and brightest in the industry. SOFII is proud to have provided early-stage financing for growth to