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    I confirm that I have come to WOCFDCA of my own free will and that I am interested in obtaining information about financing a business. This waiver is given by me in consideration of WOCFDCA offering me advice and suggestions for / about my business/not for profit or social enterprise.

    I understand that I am solely responsible for the planning, implementation, financing, operation, success and development of my business. Any advice or suggestions made by representatives of WOCFDCA are for my consideration only and I am not bound to take any such advice or suggestions and can obtain advice and assistance from any source, but ultimately any decision pertaining to my business is my responsibility. I confirm that I am not in any way relying on any advice or suggestions made to me by representatives of WOCFDCA, but that I have sought such advice or suggestions as part of my independent planning for my business. Any choice or decision made by me to accept, adopt, or reject any suggestion or advice made or given by any representative of WOCFDCA to me or anyone representing me or my business is my responsibility alone. I understand it is my responsibility to ensure that any financial information, estimates or projections developed are accurate and complete and represent the current financial situation and realistic future prospects of my business venture.

    I agree to hold WOCFDCA free and harmless for any repercussion, consequences, claim or loss to me or my business which could result from my either taking or not taking the advice or following the suggestions of the representatives of WOCFDCA, or which could result from any failure by WOCFDCA to provide me with complete, appropriate or correct advice or suggestions, or which might result to me or my business, directly or indirectly, for any reason whatsoever. I confirm that WOCFDCA has no obligation to ensure that I take any advice or suggestions provided by it or anyone else; or to follow up on advice, suggestions or business planning; or to oversee my business in any way.

    I release the employees, agents, directors and officers of WOCFDCA from any claim that I may have at any time for any loss or damages that might be suffered by me or my business or by any other person, in connection with any counseling or consultation provided to me by any of the employees, agents, directors or officers of WOCFDCA. I confirm that I am signing this waiver freely and voluntarily with full understanding of its meaning and consequences, and that I have had an opportunity to obtain independent legal advice prior to signing it, and have either obtained such advice or do not need it.

    I acknowledge that Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario or their successor(s) may have access to the records pertaining to me or my business that are now or in future become in the possession or control of WOCFDCA and that WOCFDCA, and/or the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario may make public announcements or publish information about or pertaining to any assistance or advice given or loan made by WOCFDCA to me or my business. This waiver of liability and consent shall be effective immediately.

    The following are ineligible businesses:

    • Federal and Provincial government departments, agencies, boards, corporations and commissions.
    • Post-secondary institutions (e.g. colleges, polytechnic institutes, universities and teaching institutions).
    • Not-for profit corporations; and
    • Municipal governments.

    Does the business currently employ people in Southern Ontario?

    Is the Business/project located in a community facing long-term vulnerabilities as a result of structural and socio economic factors?

    Is the business and/or project considered innovative?

    Does the project clearly demonstrate potential for new job creation or job maintenance?

    Does the project have a reasonable expectation of economic viability and ability to repay a loan?

    Does the principal(s) have personal financial involvement in the business?

    Is the business suitable for public funding?

    Is the business/project pre-revenue?

    Does the business/project support women, youth, Indigenous, newcomers and entrepreneurs in rural and les diversified geographic area?

    Does the business/project align with one of the following:
    Digital Industries
    Advanced Manufacturing
    Clean Technologies
    Health & Biosciences

    Is the business/project having challenges accessing capital?

    Does the business have a current borrowing relationship?

    Other attachments:

    Max file size is 25mb

    Project Budget and Funding Sources: Provide a summary of the project activities, detailed funding sources (external and internal),

    Economic Contribution: Provide a summary of the estimated employment created and / or maintained. Provide the current export sales and export sales in each of the forecasted years.